The School uses two online platforms to manage communication and provide access to information ‑ OLLE and Consent2Go.  From submitting consent to attend excursions, to recording school attendance, or finding information on upcoming events, we have covered all bases to ensure there is a regular stream of communication between the school and our students and families. 


OLLE is a powerful online learning environment resource that allows easy access to information needed to care for each student individually. OLLE allows parents to access information about their child/ren in a convenient and timely manner.  Information available includes student timetables, assessment tasks, academic reporting, student absences, school news and notices.

OLLE can be accessed via the TIGS Portal using your password from any computer with internet access. You can also change your password from the link on the TIGS Portal

OLLE is also available in the App Store on all mobile devices.


At TIGS, we don’t send our students home with handwritten notes or permission slips. The simple platform Consent2Go, helps us automate the process and makes it easier for parents to view upcoming events, excursions and incursions and submit their child’s permissions online. Parents can also update their contact details via Consent2Go. It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.